DIY Rainbow Crossing

Loving the passion of this weekend's DIY Rainbow-fest

Loving the passion of this weekend’s DIY Rainbow-fest

When the NSW State Government ordered the official rainbow crossing on Oxford street to be ripped up sneakily and suddenly one night, despite a petition from thousands, Sydney-siders decided that rather than get angry, they would get chalking.

Over the past two days, chalk rainbows have been emerging from behind the dark clouds of bureaucracy all over the city. Even all over the country.

I came across this one just off Victoria Street in Darlinghurst.

A $2 bucket of rainbow chalk has never been so inspiring! I love that the weather has come to the party too, turning on a magical sunshiney day perfect for chalking. I’ve just bought a bucket, so I’m off to paint the town rainbow!

8000 “likes” on fb page DIY Rainbow Crossing in 2 days – this is one petition that has legs!

Digging up the rainbow